About us

Geneva was my Grandma. She passed away way too young, like my Dad, who passed from cancer, way too young. One thing this life has taught me is make it beautiful, and make it count. Go for it. Do what makes you happy. Create your life. Live it. As a military spouse, every time we would move I couldn't wait to find all the unique boutiques and feel inspired by everyones creativity and collections they chose. I've always adored boutiques and the energy they give me. Curating a boutique is something I'm so passionate about because I love decorating and designing homes and making them truly my own. I love great smelling candles that transform spaces and make them feel extra cozy. I love walking through shops and imagining how I would decorate with it in my own home. I love finding that little something special that makes you smile. I hope you feel inspired too. Thank you for taking the time to "stop by" Geneva's. 

Geneva's is a home decor boutique where you'll find mostly new decor items and some old found goods as well. Pillows, Throws, Vases, Gift Items, Charcuterie Boards, All things kitchen and serve ware, candles, jewelry, Seasonal Merchandise as well!